Zynecoin scam accusation feat bibox fraud

Zynecoin has been flagged and monitored for several months by the French crypto community and legal proceedings are in progress.

‍Hundreds of French people have unfortunately already fallen into the trap.

Zynecoin (ZYN) promises unrealistic returns on investment “x1000 inshallah” with no innovation or underlying asset whatsoever.

Their current token (ZYN) and future blockchain (Wethio) are carbon copy of open source projects such as TomoChain (with no reference anywhere on Zynecoin assets to Tomochain).

The founding team has a solid track-record of very doubtful projects. Their strategy for Zynecoin (formerly Zeencoin) is to pay influencers to create a false craze and attract more buyers.

They specifically targets fragile people or beginners in the cryptocurrencies’ world.

This Ponzi scheme is very similar to tens of fraudulent projects launched in the past years. They try to artificially inflate the value of the tokens with agressive marketing tactics.

One day or another, Zynecoin founders will run off with the takings, leaving all owners on the sidelines with zero value tokens.

‍Their reputation being scorned in French-speaking countries, they’ve started to communicate on new markets hoping to pursue the operation.

This site is operated on a voluntary basis by crypto-enthusiasts in order to protect new users and the reputation of cryptocurrency technologies.

Recent swap between Ethereum ZYN smartcontract and their private blockchain called Wethio was a total failure.

Process was to have the ZYN suspended and back from Bibox trading desk (see transaction here) and migration was supposed to be done Friday.

Unfortunately this was a complete failure on Zynecoin side…

New issue raised 6/13/2020 with no backup and rollbackup possible on Bibox side…

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